The Project With the Most ETH Donations Received $630,000 USD

By Crypto Li

One way that crypto projects raise money is through donations. Many well-known projects will announce a donation address, to which supporters can send digital currency. It is a simple way for projects to raise money from the community. After searching for “donate” and then ”accounts” on Etherscan, we found 21 addresses marked as donations.

Through historical queries on these addresses, we calculated the total amount of Ether received in the history of these donation addresses. The chart below shows what we found:


Some projects received almost no ETH, perhaps because these projects did not attract any interest from the community. FoundationTipJar received the largest amount of any project, at 4,570.89 ETH or $630,000 USD at the time of writing. FoundationTipJar appears to be the donation address that is promoted by the Ethereum Foundation, and is thus an unsurprising recipient of community attention and support.

The second address that received the second most ETH donations is labeled MyEtherWallet. Related to this address is a team specializing in ETH wallets, commonly known as MEW, who offer support for famous hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor.

There were some other interesting findings as well. WhiteHatDonation, a team focused on bringing blockchain technology to more non-profit spaces, received a total of 1453.55 ETH from the community. ChainSafe received roughly 1000 ETH, and remaining projects such as ICOAlert, EtherscamDB did not receive a significant amount of ETH. It is worth mentioning that, the authoritative data site from which we took this data,  only received around 30 ETH (roughly $4,000 USD) in donations.

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