Ranking Crypto Exchanges by Total Daily Users

By LongHash


The Blockchain Transparency Institute recently released their November 2018 report with a handful of findings that illuminate the state of cryptocurrency exchanges in 2018. 

One of the key findings included the total daily active users on exchanges around the world. 

Coinbase led the world in November, with an average of 422,000 daily active users followed by Binance at 313,000 users. The only other exchanges with over 100,000 daily active users were Okex and Huobi, with 105,000 and 101,000 daily active users respectively. 

Perhaps even more interesting than the low user volume is the average transaction volume per visitor. 

Among the top 10 crypto exchanges as ranked by BTI, Coinbase visitors' transaction volume is roughly 10% of that from visitors on other top exchanges.

The average transaction volume per user is as follows:

Binance: $2137

Bitfinex: $3518

Coinbase: $189

The low visitor count for many of the world’s top crypto exchanges is yet another example of how the drop in prices is putting stress on the crypto industry.

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