Over 50% of EOS DApps Are Used on Any Given Day, Compared to 10% of ETH DApps

By Diana Rees

EOS is a blockchain platform that provides the infrastructure to build decentralized applications, or DApps. But how many people are actually using EOS DApps? A lot more than are using Ethereum DApps, it turns out.

Earlier this month we found that only 10% of Ethereum DApps were used within 24 hours. Out of the total number of 323 EOS DApps, almost 55% had at least one active user within the last 24 hours on February 18.

The most popular Ethereum DApp had about 200,000 transactions per day. The most popular EOS DApp, by contrast, has 450,000 transactions, more than twice as many.


In the grand scheme of things, however, use of EOS DApps remains low. If we break down the usage of active DApps with users within 24 hours we can see that only 4.5% of active DApps, a total of 8 DApps, have more than 2,000 users. The maximum number of users is 6,200.

A staggering 90% of EOS DApps are barely used, with less than 1,000 users per day. Over 50% of the active DApps on EOS have less than 100 users per day.


These results are consistent with our previous findings and indicate low usage of DApps, especially when you compare them to popular internet applications that have hundreds of millions active daily users.

On the bright side, 50% of EOS DApps are at least being used. Perhaps these are the first signs for rising adoption of decentralized technologies.

Diana Rees in the CEO of zkSystems.

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