Only Two of the Top 50 Most Popular DApps Run on Ethereum

By Jack Filiba


The Ethereum blockchain dominates the market when it comes to the number of DApps and overall DApp users, as LongHash previously reported. However, looking at the top 50 DApps by popularity paints a completely different picture. EOS and TRON overshadow Ethereum by a large margin, according to DApps ranked highest in popularity on aggregate sites like DappRadar.

EOS and TRON dominate popularity among the top 50

The overwhelming majority of the top 50 DApps in the market right now are built on either EOS or TRON, as seen in DApp rankings over the last 24 hour period.

As of press time, 28 of the top 50 DApps on DappRadar’s rankings run on the EOS protocol. These are ranked through a metric that considers the amount of users that have interacted with each DApp in a single day.  

The most popular of these apps is currently PRA CandyBox. It reportedly had 9.3k users in the last 24 hours, making it the most popular EOS-based DApp and the most popular DApp overall.

TRON is leveraged by 20 of the current top 50 DApps. The most popular token running on TRON ranked second, and is a game known as Epic Dragons. It purportedly had 6.2k users in the last day.

Ethereum — the most widely used platform for DApps — doesn’t appear on the list until number 37 with the listing of a decentralized exchange known as IDEX. The only other top 50 DApp running on the Ethereum platform is ForkDelta at number 44, which is also a decentralized exchange.  

Ethereum fares slightly better when considering volume

Sorting these rankings by transaction volume over the last 24 hours depicts Ethereum in a more favorable light. By this metric, eight of the top 50 DApps on DappRadar’s rankings run on the Ethereum platform.

IDEX is currently the most popular Ethereum-based DApp by this metric as well. It has a listed transaction volume of $564,000 USD in the last 24 hours.

The DApp with the highest overall transaction volume in the past day is Dice — a gambling app built on the EOS protocol. It is listed as having processed $6.4 million USD worth of transactions in the last 24 hours. Overall, more than 60% of the top 50 DApps are currently listed under the “gambling” category.

EOS and TRON might be the most frequently used platforms for the industry’s leading DApps, but they aren’t as successful when it comes to tokens. Previously, LongHash looked at the top digital tokens by market cap. Here, Ethereum far outshone its peers, with 94% of the top 100 tokens leveraging the Ethereum platform.

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