Less Than 3% of EOS Commits in the Past Year Happened in the Last 3 Months

By Andy Hao


The development of EOS, a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform that aims to create infrastructure for decentralized applications, has seemingly slowed in recent months. This is at least the case when considering the amount of recent commits on EOS’ GitHub, versus the amount of commits made over the last year.

Over 4,000 commits in a year, but only 114 in the last three months

In order to get an idea of EOS’ development progress, it is helpful to consider GitHub trends over the past year. Between February 26, 2019 and February of last year, there have been a total of 4,118 commits on EOS’ GitHub. This information is sourced from CryptoMiso, a site that  ranks cryptocurrencies by their development activity.

Isolating the portion of EOS’ commits that were made in the last three months shows that activity has slowed over the course of the last year. According to the site, there have been 114 commits made to EOS’ code since November 2018. This means that less than 3% of the commits made on the EOS GitHub in the last year happened in the last three months.

One immediate issue with this metric, however, is that the amount of commits made may not be indicative of how much work is actually being put into the platform. Little is done to weight the actual impact of each commit. As a result, a flurry of small and rapid changes could give the impression that significant development progress is occuring. Further, developers taking their time to implement major changes could give the appearance of diminished development activity, since less commits would occur.

Looking at Ethereum and TRON’s development activity

Two other prominent platforms for smart contracts, TRON and Ethereum, have also seen a decline in commits over the last three months.  

There were 1,048 Ethereum commits made in the last year, according to CryptoMiso. Only 186 of these commits were made in the last three months. Similarly, TRON boasts 5,395 commits since February 2018, of which only 772 were made in the last three months.

One could argue that the amount of commits taking place should decrease as platforms become more mature. In theory at least, there should be fewer small issues to correct. Further, CryptoMiso only ranks platforms based on the commit history of a platform’s most popular repo.

This could explain why a platform like Ethereum, which has a lot of history in the space, lags behind in commits over the past year in comparison to newer projects like EOS and TRON.

Still, this is an interesting metric to consider when trying to get a general sense of how much development is occurring in the cryptocurrency landscape. In an industry where many projects fail, it’s helpful for market participants to see which projects are being actively developed.

The number of people working on EOS appears to be stable. The site lists well over 100 developers contributing to the platform over the last year. Its top contributor, a developer named Kevin Heifner, has not been dethroned in the last three months.

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