Craig Wright’s Twitter Account Disappears, Along with 10,000 Tweets

By Andy Hao


Australian computer scientist Craig Steven Wright has been a source of controversy and debate in the cryptocurrency landscape.

This week, some users took notice of the fact that Wright’s Twitter account, @ProfFaustus, is missing. A social media tracking tool known as SocialBlade currently indicates that over 10,000 tweets were removed from Wright’s account in a 24-hour period.

According to the site, the total number of Tweets credited to his account dropped from around 38,110 on the March 17 to 27,240~ the following day.

Notoriously, Wright claimed to be the person behind the “Satoshi Nakamoto” pseudonym credited with the creation of Bitcoin. The fact of the matter is that the public is yet to learn Nakamoto’s real identity, and the pseudonym does not necessarily belong to just a single person.

Many industry figures have taken issue with Wright’s claim. Additionally, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin called Wright a fraud at a conference in 2018, taking issue with some of Wright’s arguments regarding cryptocurrency governance and mining.

As for the motive behind Wright’s Twitter purge, the only way to know for sure would be a statement from the man himself or from Twitter officials. On March 17, Wright tweeted that he will be “taking action aggressively to remove any site that is in error or makes false claims.”

“You do not have a right to lies under ‘free speech’ nor harassment, nor libel and slander,” he said. “If an error is reported in a malicious context concerning me, [expect] to be living in a barrel when we finish with you.”

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