Become a Data Journalist. Get Published. Win Some ETH.

By LongHash

Are you a passionate member of the crypto community? Do you know your way around the blockchain? We’re looking for new, data-based crypto stories to share with our global audience -- the winning article will be published in English, Chinese and Japanese. We’re also handing over 5 ETH to whoever sends us the best, coolest crypto article. We are flexible on length, with a ballpark of 800 to 1000 words.

Send submissions to [email protected] by November 11. Emails should include the word CONTEST in the subject line.

You’re free to choose your own topic, but if you want to win, you will need to play by a few rules:

1. Your story should be data-based in some way. Check out for examples of data stories; we’re looking for something along those lines. The idea is to find data that tells a larger story. If you have a strong idea, but don’t know how to get the data, LongHash’s data scientists might be able to help! If you are worried about your writing, our editors are also here to help.

2. Your story must be original and previously unpublished.

3. Your story must be unbiased and presented from the perspective of an outside observer. This is not a chance for you to promote a company, project or ICO.

Here are just a few examples of data stories:

Are ICOs shrinking? Regulations Might be The Cause

Want to Understand Crypto Prices? Look to Asia:

EOS Is Not a Democracy:

So Many Tokens, So Few Wallets:

The Winners in the Crypto Bear Market:

How Ethereum Transaction Times Compare to the Stock Market's:

Bitcoin Developers Take No Holidays:

If Blockchain is Democratic, Why are Events so Expensive:

Is a Token Going to Last? Look at its Coders:

Bitcoin Uses a Lot of Energy but Gold Mining Uses More:

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