Announcing a New Live Chart: Bitcoin Social Metrics for China

By LongHash


China once dominated global Bitcoin trade. China’s government has since shut down domestic exchanges, but China’s crypto market is still very much alive. China remains an important market for the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and Chinese citizens are actively involved in mining, developing, and trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Chinese people still trade cryptocurrency via over the counter (OTC) platforms, for example. The problem is that in the absence of exchange trade volume data,  it’s difficult to find meaningful numbers about China’s crypto activity. 

Chinese social media provides one window into how China’s crypto community. Our new Bitcoin social metrics capture information from China’s biggest web platforms to help illuminate how the Chinese market is feeling about Bitcoin in real-time.

From Baidu, China’s largest search engine, we’re tracking daily search interest (and charting that with Bitcoin’s price in USD for context). Our charts showcase Baidu’s demographic information (age and gender) about the people who demonstrate interest in Bitcoin. We’re also charting the number of times the term “Bitcoin” appears in the headlines of Chinese news articles (as collected by Baidu News).

From WeChat, China’s ubiquitous social app, we’re tracking the top 30 blockchain-related WeChat official accounts, and charting the number of readers of those accounts' top stories. This provides a real-time window into how actively WeChat users are consuming blockchain-related content.

We will continue to add data to these live charts, which are regularly updated.

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