How One “Wallet” Might Change TRX’s Price

Trdot Wallet ( describes itself as a wallet where investors can keep their TRON tokens (TRX). Trdot has attracted a relatively high number of deposits because it promises a high-interest return.

Since its launch late last year, Trdot Wallet’s entire balance peaked at 1.2 billion TRX ($32.8 Million USD) on February 4. From mid-February to mid-March, Trdot maintained a level of around 775 million TRX, because Trdot closed TRX deposits and withdrawals.

Recently LongHash has observed large transfers of TRX out of Trdot Wallet into Binance’s exchange. These transfers were followed by drops in TRX's price.

There is also the potential risk that the TRX leaving Trdot wallet will never return, which would mean that the investors storing their TRX in the wallet would not get their money back. At press time, Trdot Wallet’s web site was mysteriously down.

LongHash has launched the first ever Trdot Wallet address monitoring system to provide investors with analytical tools to avoid potential risks.

Trdot Wallet Balance and TRX Price

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